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English Tuition 2019 – Best Tips to Score for English

Reflective video for year 2019.
Overall smooth sailing, with a couple of minor surprises.

1) Cherry picking
Pick from exercises that they like to do and adamant about NOT doing what they dislike.
Is helicopter parenting at fault?

2) Complacency
Confident that they can score for a subject and hence, let their guard down.
Most obvious when we see a huge or sudden drop in grades.
Remind myself to remind students to ALWAYS be vigilant!

3) Consistency
Linked to complacency. Effort is not consistent. Start to slack in homework and try to skip lessons over frivolous reasons.

4) Stray from teaching
Forget about the teaching once lessons are over.
Revert back to their own methods.
Remind myself to remind the students!

5) Mental agility and overall maturity development
What separates A students from B students over time.
Has maturity developed over time?
Are students able to adapt when questions change?
If they are not taught, do they have the thinking skills to figure things out on their own.

Year 1 – teaching at MOE
Year 2 – no A for PSLE English
Year 3 – 2 As for PSLE English
Year 4 – 1 A for PSLE English
Year 5 – 1 A for PSLE English
Year 6 – ???? unknown