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GP FAQ: Can I sign up for a few lessons as trial?

Of course you can. You can sign up a 4 paid lessons to check for compatibility.

In general, once you sign up, you should continue for at least 1 academic year so that you know for sure whether the lessons are working for you or not. Improvements take time and students will need to be patient to see their efforts bear fruit.

If possible, staying on for two years (JC1 and JC2) is more beneficial to students because we focus on different skills.

In JC1, we focus on the basics of the syllabus and language foundation. At the end of JC1, students should be able to confidently clear their promos by getting at least a D grade. Anything less is not ideal. Students who score ‘E’ or ‘S’ are encouraged to take up lessons during the school holidays to brush up on their basics.

Students should not skip JC2 because that is when we begin the advanced techniques and help students polish and refine their skills. I personally offer a lot of guidance to ensure that students are prepared for the national exams. Students who skip JC2 can expect a slight drop in grades compared with their grades in JC1 because they may have missed out on an important phase of their learning.

If you are keen to sign up for GP lessons, simply send a whatsapp messsage to +65 9457 6550

Thank you for your interest!