Upper Primary, Secondary & JC Level – Bukit Panjang

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Mission & Core Values

Our mission statement: To do our utmost to help those who wish to help themselves achieve their personal best.

Our five core values:

  1. Humility
  2. Integrity
  3. Perseverance
  4. Innovation
  5. Compassion.

Integrity– We don’t believe in hiding what we do from students and parents. We believe in working with them, and being a part of their learning journey. With transparency comes accountability. With the feedback we provide, parents have a firm idea of what is happening during lessons and how their children are progressing.

Innovation – We do not seek change solely for the sake of making changes. We seek change purposefully to help achieve what we set out to do. We try our best to keep an open mind about new teaching pedagogies and new technologies. If we believe these new methods are more beneficial to our students, we will adopt them in our teaching.

Perseverance – As the saying goes, “Rome is not built in one day.” A child who does not do well in an academic year does not mean he or she will not do well for the coming years. As long as they persevere, we will do our best to guide and support them. We are committed to students who are committed to achieving their personal best. If they do not give up on themselves and show a disinterested learning attitude, we will not give up on them.

Humility – It is only with a humble attitude that we can continue to improve endlessly. By setting an example, we encourage our students to keep an open mind and learn to appreciate the strengths of others and learn from them.

Compassion – What good is education if we don’t use what we learn for the benefit of others? With compassion at the heart of our core values, we use our skills and knowledge to help others achieve their goals and improve their lives. Having compassion ensures that we don’t lose our way in the pursuit of academic success.