Upper Primary, Secondary & JC Level – Bukit Panjang

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Q: What are your rates?

Please refer to the fees and schedule

Q: What type of lessons do you offer?

I offer English group tuition for upper Primary, lower and upper Secondary, as well as A-Levels General Paper (GP).

Q: How long does each lesson last?

For primary level, lessons last 1 1/2 hours. For secondary level, lessons last 2 hours.

Q: Where are lessons conducted?

Lessons will be conducted at Bukit Panjang (near Segar LRT).

Q: How is the learning environment like for group tuition?

Lessons are conducted in a quiet, air-conditioned environment that is conducive for learning.

Q: What is the teacher to student ratio for group tuition?

1 teacher is to 3 students (max).

Q: When are lessons conducted?

Lessons are available on weekdays, late afternoons and evenings. For weekends, lessons are conducted in the morning or early noon.

Q: Will there be any homework?

I started off with minimal homework but soon realized that parents are requesting for more homework. Based on experience, a moderate amount of homework can help a child improve faster. However, as I am not aware of every student's workload, I leave it to parents to moderate the homework.

Q: What is your teaching style?

One of our core values is integrity. In other words, I work in an upfront and transparent manner. I pinpoint areas of improvement quickly and provide feedback. I sometimes also create custom materials based on students' weaknesses. As much as possible, I try to make lessons interesting so that students enjoy the lessons. However, I can be very strict when necessary.

As I value integrity, I do not work well with students and parents who do not respect our tuition arrangements - e.g. absent frequently without valid reason, persistent late fees, last minute cancellations, etc. If you do not agree with our terms upfront, please do not sign up for the tuition.

Q: Are there classes during public holidays?

Unless communicated to the parent in advance, all lessons are to proceed as normal. New Year's Day, Chinese New Year and Christmas Days will have no lessons.

Q: Are there lessons during school holidays?

Lessons conducted during school holidays may be different from the usual lessons. For example, bridging lessons may be conducted for Pri. 6 students so that they cope better when they attend Secondary school.

Other enrichment based lessons may also be conducted.

Q: Does my child need to purchase additional materials?

There is a one-time materials fee that covers materials and learning resources. This fee covers the full academic year and is collected when the student signs up.

This fee is collected at the start to cut down on administrative costs, which eventually benefits clients.

Q: What happens if my child misses a lesson?

Depending on availability, a replacement lesson will be arranged.

Q: What are your qualifications?

This page lists my qualifications.

Q: Are you NIE trained?

No. I generally avoid taking on assignments from parents who hire based on NIE qualifications. If you have a preference for NIE trained teachers, this is not the service for you.

Q: I see that you have a Dip. in TESOL. What is TESOL?

TESOL is teaching English to students of other languages. It is a highly specialized course meant for English language teachers. During the course, teachers are trained in teaching methodologies. They learn to create situations that are ideal for language learning. They also learn how to set questions and facilitate learning activities in the classroom.

Q: When are fees payable?

Fees are payable on the start of each month.

Q: What mode of payment do you accept?

Fees can be paid in cash or in cashless modes such as PayNow or Bank Transfer.

Q: What happens if there are no available slots?

If there are no available slots on your preferred day, you will be placed on the waiting list.

Q: Do you conduct short term teaching?

No. I like to spend more time with my students to ensure that they get the best education possible from me over time. Intensive exam prep courses may be offered in the future but they are not the priority at the moment.

Q: Do you have an iron-clad, no questions asked, return policy?

Yes, I do. If students are uncooperative, misbehave and are uncontrollable, I return them to their families immediately. No questions asked.

Q: Do you have a referral program?

We have a referral program and a buddy program. Click on the links to learn more.