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PSLE and O-Levels English Online Tutoring Program – Singapore Only

PSLE and O-Levels English Online Tutoring Program – Singapore Only

The online tutoring program is coming soon…stay tuned!

Primary 5/6
$80 for 4 Lessons
High recommended for students taking PSLE
Vocabulary building
Sentence synthesis
Creative writing
Editing and OE Cloze
Weekly videos
Weekly worksheets
Lower Sec 1/2
$120 for 4 Lessons
O-level syllabus familiarization
Vocabulary building
Comprehension (Visual, narrative and non-narrative)
Summary writing
Essay writing (personal recounts, discursive writing.)
Situational writing
Weekly videos
Weekly worksheets
Upper Sec 3/4
$140 for 4 Lessons
High recommended for O-Level takers!
Vocabulary building
Comprehension (Visual, narrative and non-narrative)
Summary writing
Essay writing (personal recounts, discursive writing, argumentative)
Situational writing
Weekly videos
Weekly worksheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should sign up for lessons?

Students who would like to sign up for live lessons but are unable to do so due to reasons such as unavailable time-slot or inconvenient location. Since learning takes place online, adult supervision is highly recommended to ensure that students watch the videos and complete their worksheets on time.

Q: What available levels are there?

Currently, there are three levels – primary 5/6, lower secondary (sec. 1/2), and upper secondary (sec 3/4/5) O Levels.

Q: How do I access the lessons?

The video lessons can be accessed from any laptop, desktop, mobile smartphone or tablet. An account will be created once you sign up.

Q: Besides videos, what other materials will I receive?

Students will receive a set of worksheets each week.

Q: How long does each lesson last?

Each video lesson is about 30 minutes. There will also be another video that goes through the answers for the worksheet. In total, if the student watches each video once, be prepared to spend about an hour per week. When we add in the time for completing the worksheets, each lesson works out to be about 1.5 hours. However, students are encouraged to watch the videos more than once to help with knowledge retention.

Q: When will I receive the worksheets?

The worksheets for the following week will be mailed out by Friday the week before.

Q: When are videos posted?

Videos will be posted on this website by Saturday. More specifically, one video where I cover the topics for the week and one video with the answers to the worksheets from the previous week.

Q: Can I learn how to write compositions/essays with this program?

Yes, you can. However, I only teach writing techniques and go through model answers on this program. For more in-depth writing skills and compo/essay critiques, I have another program for that. Students can sign up for that program if they feel that the writing practice and feedback is insufficient. In general, students can expect to get about one writing practice every 2-3 months. More details about the writing program will be made available soon.

Q: How can I get further clarifications?

At the moment, we do not have a website for you to post questions. However, you can always send me an email or Whatsapp message. 🙂

Q: How many lessons must I sign up for?

For a start, students must sign up for at least 4 lessons.

Q: Can I stop at anytime?

Yes, you can stop your lessons at any time if you feel that you are not benefiting from the lessons.

Q: Are there lessons if there is a public holiday?

Lessons will be uploaded as per normal even if there is a public holiday. Students can always watch the videos at a time that is convenient for them.

Q: Are there trial lessons?

Trial lessons are currently not available. Parents and students can watch the demo video to get a sense of what to expect in the video lessons. I suggest signing up for 4 lessons to give the program a try. If you don’t find the lessons useful, you can stop at any time.

Q: What is the billing cycle?

Lessons are collected at the beginning of each month for 4 lessons. If there are 5 lessons for the month (5 weeks), 5 lessons will be collected accordingly.

Q: What payment modes are available?

I accept Internet bank transfer, PayNow and PayLah.

Q: I have more questions!

Feel free to contact me at tutor@englishtuition.org or whatsapp me at +65 9457 6550.