Upper Primary, Secondary & JC Level – Bukit Panjang

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Secondary English Tuition

There are currently on-going classes for other secondary levels as well.

Lessons are crafted in accordance to the current O Level syllabus.

When students join at the lower secondary level, they have more time to prepare for O Levels.

O Level syllabus covered:

  1. Grammar editing
  2. Situational writing
    • Formal letter
    • Informal letter
    • Articles
    • Emails
    • Reports
    • Proposals
    • Speeches
  3. Continuous writing
    • Narratives and personal recounts
    • Argumentative
    • Discursive writing
    • Expository writing
  4. Visual comprehension
  5. Narrative comprehension
  6. Non-narrative comprehension


  • Each lesson is 2 hours
  • Max. number of students is 3
  • Fees are payable at the beginning of each month
  • If there are 5 lessons for the month, 5 lessons are payable
  • More on fees and schedule


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