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General Paper Tuition

Small group home tuition available for General Paper (A Levels).

Lessons will be conducted at tutor’s home.

General Paper syllabus covered:

  1. Paper 1 – Argumentative essays. Numerous GP topics covered.
    • Arts and language
    • Education
    • Crime and punishment
    • Sports and lifestyle
    • Mass media and censorship
    • Philosophy
    • Politics and government
    • Science and religion
    • Science and technology
    • Socio-economics
  2. Paper 2 – Comprehension
    • Comprehenshion answering techniques
    • Summary
    • Application question


  • Each lesson is 2 hours
  • Max. number of students is 3
  • Fees are payable at the beginning of each month
  • If there are 5 lessons for the month, 5 lessons are payable
  • More on fees and schedule

Exemption from QET:

  • General Paper (‘AO’ Level GP) – B4 and above or
  • General Paper (H1 Level GP) – C and above or
  • Knowledge Inquiry (KI) – D and above

General Paper H1 Rank points:

  • A – 10
  • B – 8.75
  • C – 7.5
  • D – 6.25
  • E – 5
  • S – 2.5
  • U – 0

GP FAQ: What should I do if I get an ‘S’ pass for General Paper?

If you are in JC1 and worried about promos, then check with your teacher about promotional criteria. Different schools have different criteria and you should also be able to find the info in the student handbook. Students who don't meet the promo criteria may be promoted on a conditional basis or retained. From my experience,...

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GP FAQ: Why am I failing General Paper? – Top 10 Reasons

This question may have crossed your mind, especially if you are in JC1 or have just done badly for a class test or exam. Let's start from the obvious. Weak language foundation - You struggle to find the right words and phrases to express your ideas. Your writing contains lots of spelling and grammar errors...

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GP FAQ: My GP grade is not improving no matter what I do. What should I do?

There are many possible reasons why your GP grade is not improving. From personal experience, students don't improve when they are in their comfort zones. They do things the same way all the time - use the same phrases, same style of writing, similar examples, etc. As a result, they get an essay results that...

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GP FAQ: How soon can I expect to see progress?

While I understand that all students hope to see improvements sooner than later, we also need to be realistic with our goals. There are many factors that affect a student's progress - language foundation, level of engagement, hard work, consistency, etc. Students who are highly engaged and are diligent can look forward to seeing better...

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GP FAQ: What are A-Levels Rank Points and how are they calculated?

A-Levels rank points are calculated to give a rough idea of whether a student's overall grades are competitive enough in order to gain admission to a university course. It is calculated as follows: GradeMarksH2 Rank PointsH1 Rank pointsA70-1002010B60-6917.58.75C55-59157.5D50-5412.56.25E45-49105S40-4452.5U0-3900 The maximum rank points is 90rp. Students who get higher rank points stand a better chance of...

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Junior College A-Levels Project Work – Tips

Project Work (PW) is considered a H1 subject for students taking the A-levels. Each year, groups of students (about 4 to 5) are given two vague topics and they are supposed to identify challenges and conduct research to come up with solutions. Ideas from each group are to be presented in a main report (MR;...

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