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GP FAQ: What should I do if I get an ‘S’ pass for General Paper?

If you are in JC1 and worried about promos, then check with your teacher about promotional criteria. Different schools have different criteria and you should also be able to find the info in the student handbook. Students who don’t meet the promo criteria may be promoted on a conditional basis or retained. From my experience, schools actually prefer to promote students rather than hold them back. There might be an interview to discuss the options with the students and most students should advance.

If you get an ‘S’ pass for your A-Levels, you can still apply for admissions. Of course, you will not be able to apply for courses that require a ‘B’ grade as a pre-requisite. For example, Law requires at least a ‘B’ grade for GP. In general, you will not be able to apply for courses that require a strong command of language (e.g. Business studies, communication studies, law, medicine, social sciences, etc.).

You can, however, still apply for numerous courses in NUS and NTU. If admitted, you will need to sit for and pass the Qualifying English Test (QET). If you fail your QET, you have to take up a language module and pass that. This means it will take up additional time and effort from the student during school term, which is not ideal.

If you are not aiming for a language related course, getting at least a ‘C’ will be enough. Of course, in order to be as competitive as possible, you should still strive to do well in GP. What if one of your H2 subjects does not perform as well as expected? At least your GP grade doesn’t pull you down.

Be sure to check out the Indicative Grade Profile (IGP) and set your targets early.

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