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GP FAQ: My GP grade is not improving no matter what I do. What should I do?

There are many possible reasons why your GP grade is not improving. From personal experience, students don’t improve when they are in their comfort zones. They do things the same way all the time – use the same phrases, same style of writing, similar examples, etc. As a result, they get an essay results that fall within the same range (e.g. 45% to 50%).

Some students score ‘D’ or ‘C’ in JC1 and hope to get a ‘B’ or ‘A’ in the national exams. They are disappointed when they score a grade that is lower than their expectations. Sometimes, instead of progressing, students regress. For instance, the strategies that they have adopted work with prelims but they are not robust enough to deliver consistent grades. The consequence is that the grades rise and dip. For the A-levels, the grade happens to dip.

Students should be mindful that it is entirely possible to be doing well in GP while in school and then fail GP in the national exams (e.g. poor choice of essay question, misinterpret the essay question, get an unfamiliar topic in paper 2, etc.). Therefore, a student’s skills should be versatile enough to enable him or her to score within a predictable range consistently (e.g. B to C). There is no room for over-confidence and complacency.

If you run out of ideas on how to improve in your GP, consult your teachers/tutors or sign up for private GP lessons. Mentors can help provide the much needed guidance that can point you in the right direction. Usually, a change in strategy will do the trick.

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