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GP FAQ: Should I sign up for GP private tuition?

That depends on your goals. There are a few scenarios.

1) I am not sure if I can pass GP and promote to JC2 as I have scored poorly (C5-C6) in my O-Levels English.

Ans: Yes, sign up! 100%!

2) I am not sure if I can pass GP and promote to JC2 even though I scored B3 and above for my O-Levels English.

Ans: Wait for your WA1 results. If you are not comfortable with the results, sign up.

3) There is a course that I am aiming for and I require a high GP score (at least ‘B’).

Ans: Sign up if you feel you need additional guidance and support. If your EL is strong and you can study independently, you do not need to sign up. You can also see if you are strong in these GP study skills. If you require assistance to strengthen your GP skills, consider signing up.

4) There is a course that I am aiming for (e.g. engineering) and I only require a ‘C’ so that I don’t have to sit for QET.

Ans: Self-study if you can consistently get ‘D’ and above in your weighted assessments or exams. If you are getting ‘E’ or ‘S-pass’, sign up for lessons.

5) I want the best possible chance of securing my place in the university.

Ans: Sign up for lessons regardless of grades. You will benefit from the additional help no matter what happens.

6) I am strong in H2 subjects but weak in GP. Should I sign up for lessons?

Ans: Depends on the course that you are pursuing. See above.

7) I am weak in one or two of my H2 subjects and I’m also weak in GP. Should I sign up?

Ans: Sign up for tuition to strengthen your H2 subjects. If you still have resources, sign up for GP lessons as well. Give priority to your H2 subjects because they carry twice the rank points.

8) I am scoring B/Cs in my JC2 and my A-levels are approaching. Should I sign up?

Ans: If you still don’t feel confident and need some refinements, feel free to sign up. You can also check the free GP sample essays here to see if you can produce comparable essays.

9) I am weak in all my H1 and H2 subjects. Should I sign up?

Ans: Sure. However, your H2 subjects should always take priority over your H1 subjects. Make sure you allocate enough time for the extra lessons you are taking.

10) I prefer to be passive and not engage in lessons. Let the teacher/tutor do the thinking for me. Should I sign up?

Ans: Absolutely not.

If you are keen to sign up for GP lessons, simply send a whatsapp messsage to +65 9457 6550

Thank you for your interest!