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Covid-19 Updates

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the government has been coming up containment measures.

Parents and students can refer to this page for the latest lesson updates to see if lessons are affected.

Notifications have been sent accordingly.

Update: 22/04/2020

Dear parents,

Following the announcement made by PM yesterday, I’ve outlined the plans for May as follows:

1) Since school holidays are brought forward and the circuit breaker is extended till 1 June, I’ll continue to conduct online lessons for May.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, tuition lessons will resume in June.

2) Mock assessment and quarterly feedback will be postponed to June.

3) April has been a good month for everyone to adjust and adapt to the home based learning. For May, I’d like to collect a reduced rate of 50% for the online lessons.
A total of 4 lessons will be conducted in May via Zoom/Cisco WebEx or recorded. As it is the school holidays, light or no homework will be given with the exception of those taking national exams (O-Levels, A-Levels, PSLE).

4) Kindly revert as to whether you would like your child to continue taking online lessons in May.

Thank you!

Mr. Chow

Update: 07/04/2020

Dear parents, a very good morning to you!
I’ve locked myself up over the weekend to record the video lessons in the hope that they will be ready for the kids once they start their home learning.
I’m pleased to say that the first lesson is ready and they can be accessed on the website.
Once at the site, click on LOGIN > MY COURSES (on the left bar) > VIEW LESSONS
Any problems accessing the videos just send me a message.
All students with mobile numbers will also receive the above info.
I’ll also be making plans beyond April just in case the measures are prolonged.
Again, be reminded that students can always schedule a call with me if they need to.
For new and weaker students, I’ll be reaching out to make weekly calls.
Stay positive and stay safe.
Mr. Chow

Update: 03/04/2020

Dear parents,

In line with the govt. measures (circuit breaker), all lessons in April will be cancelled with immediate effect.

Key points to note:

1) No fees will be charged in April. All fees will be rolled over to the following month to avoid adminstrative inconveniences to everyone and depending on the situation, we will adjust accordingly.
If the measures continue to tighten and you feel that you’d like a refund, simply send me a message.

2) To minimize the impact on the children’s learning, I’ll be uploading weekly videos (starting next weekend) so that students can continue to brush up on the language and not lose too much momentum.
I’ll be sending more details on how to access the videos soon. They are available for free for all existing students.

3) Although mid-year exams are cancelled, I’ll still be preparing mock assessments for the students.
They can at least get some progress checks to see if all that home learning is effective.
That will happen some time in May or June, depending on the containment measures.

3) I’ll need the assistance of all parents to help supervise the children to ensure that they watch the videos.
As I cannot check if they understand everything in the videos, all students have the option to schedule weekly facetime sessions with me on Whatsapp.
Note that the onus will be on students to make the appointments with me.

Finally, let’s cooperate with the measures to keep everyone safe and pray that the pandemic will blow over soon.
Feel free to drop me a note should you have any concerns.
Thank you for your understanding.

Mr. Chow

Date: 25/03/2020

Dear parents,

MOH has just announced that all center based tuition and enrichment will be suspended due to Covid-19.
The intention is to stop mingling among students.

As our arrangement is a home-based arrangement with mostly 1 to 3 students, I will still be conducting lessons based on the reasons below.

1) Science – MOE has released evidence that shows that the young has proven resilience to the virus (thus schools have not closed).

2) The move targets groups that are larger than 10 people. So all social events are encouraged to be a gathering with fewer than 10 people.
Our lesson groups are very small – 1 to 3 max.

Of course, proper measures are observed to reduce risks further.

1) Wipe down of lesson area twice a day, before and after lessons.

2) Seating area will be rearranged to observe proper social distancing.

3) Aircon will be shut off during this period for better air circulation.

I also encourage students to observe the following:
1) Any student who feels unwell should not attend lessons.

2) For those with sensitive noses that tend to get runny, kindly don a mask. During this difficult time, the general public can be sensitive.

3) Students should not fool around and touch one another deliberately as a prank or joke.

4) Students should take their temperature before coming for lesson. If temperature is above 37.5 deg. cel., please do not come for lessons.

Finally, I’ve also contacted MOH for further clarification. In the meantime, lessons will continue as normal.

Having said that, parents may consider stopping lessons temporarily if they feel the need to do so.

Thank you for your understanding.
Let’s work together to carry our share of social responsibility.

Mr. Chow