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2018 SA1 Mock Exam Overall Feedback

Dear parents,

The mid-year mock examination has been completed. Here are the overall results.

Overall results for primary 3/4

Highest: 75.7%

Lowest: 58.5%

Overall results for primary 5/6

Highest: 68.3%

Lowest: 30%

Overall results for lower secondary

Highest: 69.1%

Lowest: 49.7%

Overall results for upper secondary

Highest: 54.2%

Lowest: 54.2%


The mock assessment is partially reflective of a child’s progress. For primary 3 and 4 students, it is still possible for grades to jump as exams are considered easy. However, for all other levels, the mock exam results are usually fairly accurate predictions of the official school exam results. Be mindful that this overview does not paint the full picture of a child’s progress. For instance, secondary 1 students may still be adjusting to the O Level syllabus. In fact, many sec. 1 students tend to fare worse than expected as they have underestimated the demands of the O Level syllabus. Parents should refer to the individual feedback provided to assess a child’s progress accordingly. I will also work with each child to undertake the most suitable steps that can help them improve in the subject.

Note that students who have fared badly in the mock assessment may be asked to retake the paper again after guidance has been provided.

Thank you for all your kind support.