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2018 Mini-Test 1 Overall Feedback

Dear parents,

The first mini-test for 2018 has been completed, and this post contains feedback for overall performance.

You should already have received the individual feedback for your child. Do contact me if you have not received the feedback.

The mini-test is conducted for the following levels:

  1. Primary 3/4
  2. Primary 5/6
  3. Lower secondary
  4. Upper secondary

Note that I did not create separate papers for Primary Foundation and Standard.

There are also no separate papers for Secondary Special/Express/Normal Acad/ Normal Tech.

The papers contain mostly grammar questions, which apply to all streams.

Overall results for primary 3/4

Total students: 4

Highest: 72%

Lowest: 60%

Overall results for primary 5/6

Total students: 2

Highest: 36%

Lowest: 20%

Overall results for lower secondary

Total students: 5

Highest: 80%

Lowest: 54%

Overall results for upper secondary

Total students: 2

Highest: 70%

Lowest: 56%

Please note that the results will not serve as accurate predictions for a child’s academic grades. This is because several factors affect the mini-test results. For example, new students tend not to do so well. The mini-test, however, serves as a useful gauge for a student’s knowledge retention and overall progress. For existing students who have been with me for at least a year, the results are more reflective of their overall progress.

For Primary level:

  • 80% would have been considered a very good result.
  • 70% would be a decent result with some room for improvement.
  • 50% to 60% is an average result with much room for improvement.

For secondary level:

  • 75% and above would be an excellent result
  • 70% would have been a good result
  • 60% to 70% is an average score
  • 50% to 60% means a student needs to put in more effort

Thanks for your continued support and should you require further discussion, feel free to get in touch!

Have a great day!



Darren Chow