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PSLE ORAL Survival Guide: 3 Things NOT TO DO During PSLE Oral Examination

PSLE oral – 3 things not to do

psle oral examination SURVIVAL GUIDE

No. 1: don’t present yourself poorly

•   Boys: Cut your hair so that you look neat and tidy

•   Boys: iron your uniform and tuck in your shirt (if applicable)

•   Boys: if experiencing early puberty, shave away any facial hair

•   Girls: if you spot long hair, tie it up and cut your fringe!

•   BOYS & GIRLS: Look at the examiner, smile & engage!

No. 2: Don’t mumble!!!

•   Big fat zero if the examiner cannot make out what you are saying!

•   Practice projecting your voice, especially for those with small voices.

•   If you have a loud voice, don’t take advantage of the situation and shout at the examiner.

•   Be nice & tone your voice down a little.

•   Bottomline: Your must be heard clearly.

•   Speak as if you want to be heard. Speak with confidence.

No. 3: Don’t Work yourself into a dead end

•   By saying “No” to everything.

•   If you really have to say “No”, then please give REASONS why you are saying “No”.

•   Don’t just stop at “No” & then look lovingly into the examiner’s eyes with your puppy eyes.

•   No score.