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PSLE English Oral Tips 2019

In general, a student’s performance can be broken down into 3 levels.

Level 1: Students who have trouble coming up with their own answers.

Some students struggle to come up with original ideas to talk about.
This can be due to inherent shyness, a lack of practice, or lack of general knowledge.
Fortunately, students who can articulate well can still do well in their PSLE oral if they practice common oral topics beforehand.
This will help prepare them for the assessment and they can mention ideas that they are familiar with.
The downside is that if the topic changes, they may not be able to adapt.
But being prepared for some questions is still better than not being to answer most questions.
So preparation is key for these students.

Level 2: Students who can come up with sensible answers on their own.

They are able to draw from their own experiences and give intelligent answers.
Typically, these students rarely run out of ideas and they can talk naturally.
They tend to do well in oral assessments.

Level 3: Students who practice beforehand and are able to adapt accordingly.

This is the ideal situation. With some practice and general knowledge, students are able to respond intelligently to the majority of questions.
These students are the most likely to score a strong A or A* in the PSLE oral assessment.

So work with your teachers and tutors and spend some time practising oral conversations.

Remember, try to be well rested and stay relaxed when taking the oral exam.
A relaxed mind helps the student to think on his feet.

Good luck with your PSLE oral examinations!