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PSLE English Oral – How to overcome nervousness

Being nervous leads to poor performances during the PSLE English oral examination.

Nervousness usually stem from 2 sources:
1) inherent shyness
2) ill-prepared for the oral assessment

How to overcome inherent shyness?
Can’t do it completely but can reduce the shyness with constant practice.

Constant practice can also overcome both causes of nervousness.

Being more prepared can help ease nervous tensions.

Remember that practices are usually performed in a familiar environment by a familiar person.
If the student is still nervous under such conditions, then more practice is recommended.

During the oral assessment, since the examiners are unfamiliar faces, students have a stronger reason to feel nervous.

However, under stressful conditions, students who are prepared will still be able to perform despite the pressure.
They may not be able to eradicate the stress completely but due to their diligent practices, they can recall their training and perform accordingly.

So start your practice early, and good luck with your oral assessments!