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Common mistakes when taking the PSLE oral examination


Common mistakes when taking the PSLE oral examination

Key points:

1) Day dream instead of preparing for the conversation topic during preparation time.
2) Forgetting to greet the examiners – failure to create a good first impression and more importantly, reduce nervousness.
3) When reading, skip words completely when student does not know how to read the words.
4) Read in a flat tone instead of the using an appropriate emotional tone.
5) Fail to pronounce the end sounds like ‘k’, ‘t’, ‘s’, or even ‘ed’.
6) Treat conversation questions as comprehension questions.
7) Use dead end answers. 🙁

In sum, oral skills can be developed through daily practice.
Speak more, speak well, and learn through self-correction.
This can have an immense impact on the oral exam results.

Good luck!

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