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Common mistakes when taking the PSLE oral examination

  Common mistakes when taking the PSLE oral examination Key points: 1) Day dream instead of preparing for the conversation topic during preparation time. 2) Forgetting to greet the examiners – failure to create a good first impression and more importantly, reduce nervousness. 3) When reading, skip words completely when student does not know how […]

Last minute PSLE Oral tips 2018

Last minute PSLE Oral tips 2018 Key points: 1) If you are nervous, use the 5 minute prep time to calm your anxiety. 2) If you are not the nervous type, use the prep time to think about the questions that may be asked. 3) Engage the examiner. Don’t just look at the picture when […]

PSLE English Oral - How to overcome nervousness

Being nervous leads to poor performances during the PSLE English oral examination. Nervousness usually stem from 2 sources: 1) inherent shyness 2) ill-prepared for the oral assessment How to overcome inherent shyness? Can’t do it completely but can reduce the shyness with constant practice. Constant practice can also overcome both causes of nervousness. Being more […]

PSLE English Oral Tips 2019

In general, a student’s performance can be broken down into 3 levels. Level 1: Students who have trouble coming up with their own answers. Some students struggle to come up with original ideas to talk about. This can be due to inherent shyness, a lack of practice, or lack of general knowledge. Fortunately, students who […]

PSLE ORAL Survival Guide: 3 Things NOT TO DO During PSLE Oral Examination

PSLE oral – 3 things not to do psle oral examination SURVIVAL GUIDE No. 1: don’t present yourself poorly •   Boys: Cut your hair so that you look neat and tidy •   Boys: iron your uniform and tuck in your shirt (if applicable) •   Boys: if experiencing early puberty, shave away any facial hair •   […]

PSLE Oral Surefire Way to Fail

PSLE ORAL – SUREFIRE WAY TO FAIL Blame internet? Things you learn on the Internet • Be wary of what you learn online… • And don’t repeat what you have learnt in an actual PSLE oral examination! • Sometimes, you can form bad habits without knowing it! • Here are some examples… Things you learn […]