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PSLE Visual Comprehension Tips

PSLE Visual Comprehension Tips
The untold secret…(it’s a secret, so of course it’s untold)
Tip 1: Use Visual Aids
• The most obvious visual aid is, of course, a pair of spectacles.
• …or wear your contact lenses, whichever makes you more comfortable.
Tip 2: So that you can see better…
• The headlines…
• The sub-headlines…
• The DETAILS under each of the headlines…
• The details are not given to you for fun.
• It’s there so that you can check if certain statements are TRUE or FALSE!
• But that alone is NOT enough.
• Students must try to respond to the information given.
• For example, if you are given some dates and times, can you then decide whether you can attend the event or not based on your own timetable?
• If you can’t see the details properly, it’s time to bring out the big guns…
Tip 3: Use More Powerful Visual Aids
• If that is not good enough, use more powerful visual aids!!!!!!!