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PSLE Creative Writing Past Year Questions Examined

PSLE Creative Writing Past Year Questions Examined

2016 – 2018

Year 2016: A Secret

•  What was the secret?

•  Plenty of opportunities to exercise your creativity.

•  Some suggested storylines…

•  Something that is heavy and serious.

•  Being told that you are an adopted child.

•  Lots of drama…

•  Something that is childish and maybe even a tad silly.

•  Like keeping a naughty secret that you had brought a toy to school.

•  Or you can have something somewhere in between

•  Such as keeping a secret to a surprise birthday party.

Year 2017: A Special Gift

•  Two mysteries inherent in the question.

•  One: Who gave you the special gift?

•  Two: What was the special gift?

•  Obvious approach: Your best friend gave you the gift and that is why it is special.

•  Heavy approach: From someone dear to you who had died.

•  Light approach: The gift contains some kind of prank, which made it memorable.

•  Balanced approach: There was a prank in the gift, but in the end your best friend gave you the real gift – a special pen.

Year 2018: Teamwork

•  What was the joint effort?

•  Did something interesting happen?

•  Heavy approach: Due to a dispute, students started fighting one another…

•  …hopefully no one died in the story.

•  Light approach: Something embarrassing happened. E.g. Presenting, performing, etc.

•  Someone tore his pants in the middle of a performance…

•  …teamwork was to surround the student to prevent embarrassment.

•  Balanced approach: ?????