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PSLE Creative Writing Developing INTERESTING Characters

PSLE Creative Writing
Developing INTERESTING Characters

The Perfect human being
Is it a good idea to have a main character that is kind of perfect?
Overpowered, suave and handsome, flawless, with great virtues, etc…
That is not how people are in real life.
People are flawed and that can be, at times, interesting.
So let’s not start with the perfect human being.
We’ll start with something more realistic…

A MORE REALISTIC human being
So you think it is impossible to create a good character out of this stickman?
It’s a good way to challenge yourself and test your own writing skills.
I’d describe this interesting fellow here as: tall and lanky, uncomfortable in his own skin,…
Maybe some kind of genius and brilliant in his own way.
Possesses hidden talents like dancing like a robot and eventually won the talent show.
So now the stickman isn’t too bad after all…
Ok, what if you prefer something that is not so…skinny?

Meet Glutton Boy
How would you describe this character?
Super duper strong fatty?
Or is he hated by everyone?
Because he always lost in games?
Is this character interesting enough for you?
This is creative writing…so be creative!