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PSLE Comprehension Strategies

Strat 1: Annotate to the death
Annotate is to make highlights and notes.
What then do we annotate?
Do we annotate EVERYTHING?
To annotate everything is to annotate nothing.
So we don’t annotate everything…
…we just annotate the footnotes, the instructions, the paragraph numbers…
NO! WE DON’T!!!!
We want to annotate only the KEY points
Strat 2: Attempt to really understand the text
Crumble the paper in a ball and then swallow it.
Place the paper on your forehead and hope to ‘download’ the text.
Sleep on the paper and maybe the meaning will appear in your dreams.
…I’m just kidding! DO NOT ATTEMPT any of the above!!!
Now that you’ve discovered the above doesn’t work…
…maybe you are more willing to READ THE TEXT CAREFULLY!

As you read, try to visualize the text and create images.
Make the text into some kind of a small ‘movie’ in your mind.
That will help you understand the text better.
For example, you now know the sequence of events.
You also remember the details more clearly.
And that will, for sure, help you to answer the questions more accurately.
You should be able to recall the ‘movie’ more easily as you read and digest the questions.
Good luck!