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Can a Motorcycle Self-Balance? Not Possible? Read More

With our COE prices rising with no decline in sight in the near future, we started looking at motorcycles as a more affordable mode of transport. That led to a huge disappointment as the COE prices of motorcycles had gone up to over $6,000!

The good thing that came out of our research was the discovery of the self-balancing motorcycle. A company called Lit Motors had developed a two-wheel motorcycle that can balance on its own. It does so using gyro technology.

With the self-balancing technology, a whole new world opened up. The motorcycle, mostly used as an affordable transport tool for low income families, can now be built to include features that are meant only for cars. For example, you now have a roof over your head. You don’t have to put your feet down to balance when stopping at traffic lights. In the hot Singapore weather, you can have air-conditioning. It even comes with a steering wheel.

Extensive tests have been done on the new motorcycle and there had been reports that riders with no previous motorcycling experience were able to learn how to operate the vehicle in 30 minutes. How cool is that?

Lit Motors has taken a lot of time to develop this vehicle and iron out the kinks. It has enough speed to tackle the highways. A full charge can take you over 300km, which is comparable to that of a conventional motorcycle.

In short, it has everything that a motorcyclist ever wants – comfort, speed and acceleration, stability, mileage, and agility, all in one package.

If you follow the Lit Motors story closely, you will realize that the small Company faces a mountain of challenges. They have, however, come through at every stage and it’s evident that the innovative executives at Lit Motors are highly resourceful.

To them, impossible is nothing.

I know you want to see more. Here it is.